Zhejiang Zhongcheng Curtain Wall Decoration Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Zhongcheng Holding Group Co., LTD., one of the top 500 enterprises in China, with a registered capital of 136.88 million yuan. Its headquarters is located in Zhongcheng Building in Shaoxing City. The company engaged in building doors and Windows, building curtain wall, light steel structure and other exterior decoration projects. With building curtain wall construction grade I, building decoration grade II and steel structure qualifications; In 2017, it was selected as a good cooperative brand of China's top 500 real estate enterprises in East China for 8 consecutive years
Zhejiang door and window curtain wall industry as the top ten enterprises. The company has advanced glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall and aluminum alloy doors and Windows processing and production equipment.
Curtain wall maintenance workshop, all kinds of building curtain wall annual production processing and construction capacity of 800,000 square meters, aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum wood doors and Windows production, construction capacity of 400,000 square meters. 
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